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Jill Patterson

"Flying high - Vauxhall's centre, Jill Patterson (right) is caught in a tight rope stance as she balances from her leap for an attempted pass while the determined Pepsi Peppers 'A' wing defense Florette Rose (left) tries to block the angle. Vauxhall…

Sandra Palmer Smiles as she receives top prize of $3000

"All smiles: A smiling Sandra Palmer [right] receives the top prize of $3,000 to build their netball hardcourt from Colgate Palmolive's regional sales manager Gerry Chambers after leading Alpha Academy to All-Island netball supremacy in the rally…

Joan Saunders leaps in the air

"High up: Tivoli Gardens' attack Joan Saunders leaps into the air in an attempt to block the intended pass of Merl Grove's wing defense, Vinnette Gilzeay (left), in their Inter-Secondary Schools netball final (senior division) yesterday at the Junior…