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Kingston Public Hospital (KPH)

This will soon be a scene of the past. The many cars, minibuses, motorcycles, handcarts and pedestrians that add to the daily congestion on North Street between the Kingston Public and Jubilee hospitals will no longer do so following a decision of…

Cross Roads

"...It's the congestion of JOS buses, that's what. For the scene is, yes, Cross Roads at midday yesterday - despite what the clock says. Over recent years Government MInisters and KSAC Councillors have hinted at plans to reshape Cross Roads and…

Accident on Rockfort Road

"This motorcar skidded on the wet road while travelling from Harbour View and landed in the harbour in front of Flour Mills on the Rockfort Road. Here it is shown as a wrecker pulls it out. The driver Trevor Brown of Stony Hill was unhurt."