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Jamaica Baptist Union Brotherhood Opening Service

"Members of the Jamaica Baptist Union Brotherhood at the opening service of their two-day annual conference which took place Saturday and Sunday at the Boulevard Baptist Church."

Burchell Baptist Church

"Commemorative service: Rev. Sam Reid, delivering the main address at the National Commemorative Service to mark the 150th anniversary of Sam Sharpe's Campaign. Sam Sharpe had been deacon at the church for freedom, at the Burchell Baptist Church last…

Bethel Baptist Church

" "Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia": Worshippers at Bethel Baptist Church sing in the New Year."

Bethel Baptist Church

"All tuckered out - Waiting and watching for a whole big New Year can be quite a trying experience for tiny tots. And as you can see, little Junior has plain lost out in the tug-of-sleep with the Sandman and his Night-watching parents, as the adults…

Bethel Baptist Church

"It is the Christian family that must provide the basis for the child's development," said Rev. Evans Bailey in his address to the large congregation at Bethel Baptist Church. In front row are JTA president Woodburn Miller, Education Minister Dr.…

Bethel Baptist Church

"New year's service: At left a full Bethel Baptist Church listens to Pastor Errol Miller while at right."