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While drivers were absent from their cars this man is putting down yellow line

"Instant offenders: The drivers of some of these cars did not find their vehicles where they left them. While the drivers were away, this gentleman was putting down his yellow line."

Vic Burnett

"Vic Burnett at work on a canvas at her home studio."

Trinidad folklore

Port-of-Spain, National Museum and Art Gallery, 196-

20" x 13 1/4" col. reproduction (by offset of a water colour, 27" x 40") the painting was executed in 1958.

The harbour at sunset

7" x 10 1/2". Watercolour painting.

Slave in chain

Oil painting of an enslaved young man, looking despondent,
as he leans against an object while shackled in chains around his neck and wrist.

Namba Roy

Jamaican novelist and artist, Namba Roy, photographed while working on a painting.

Murals painted on the walls of Rae Town fishing beach

Murals in the Rae Town community, painted by T. Earl Witter, of notable Jamaicans including: Percival James Patterson "PJ", George William Gordon, Marcus Garvey and Bob Marley.

Mother and child

" 'Mother and Child', a Vic Burnett painting in oil."


Loup Gahou

The Spirit of Trinidad - folklore series No. 4. Loup Gahou, legendary Trinidad character.

11" x 14 1/2".

Extract from Trinidad Sunday Guardian, August 18, 1957.

Note: On print 'Loup Gahou' corrected to "Loup Garou" by Ursula Raymond.