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Winston Samuels

"Posing with his new record: Winston Samuels has returned home for a short stay but will spend some time in the studios."

Barrington Sadler

"The merry hop, alia Barrington Sadler, playing his favourite instrument - the tin whistle - one of the ten he plays."

Karen Marr, well known Jamaican singer

Karen Marr, Jamaican musician, performing.

Clifford Campbell

"Mini-fair: The Kiwanis Club of Kingston, in association with the Rennock Lodge Parent-Teacher Association, sponsored a Mini-Fair at Rennock Lodge School on Saturday, December 14. Proceeds of the event will go towards repairs to, and replacement of…

Marcia Campbell

Marcia Campbell, Carlene Davis, Sandra DaCosta [left to right], running.

Cecil Campbell

Jamaican musician, Cecil "Prince Buster" Campbell.

Leslie Butler

"Leslie Butler makes music at the keyboard."

Lester Bullock (Dillinger)

"Dillinger, the 'Plait Skank' man - Lester Bullock."

Harry J's recording studio

"Inside the console rooms: In photo at left the Harry J's studio engineer Sylvan Morris [partly hidden second right] does the mixing while others from left are Linden Lobban, Everton Williams, Donovan Smith, and Everton Bell [in hat at right]. In…