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Leslie Butler

"Leslie Butler makes music at the keyboard."

Lester Bullock (Dillinger)

"Dillinger, the 'Plait Skank' man - Lester Bullock."

Harry J's recording studio

"Inside the console rooms: In photo at left the Harry J's studio engineer Sylvan Morris [partly hidden second right] does the mixing while others from left are Linden Lobban, Everton Williams, Donovan Smith, and Everton Bell [in hat at right]. In…

Eka Mouse with hand at jaw and Errol Thompson mixes song at Joe Gibbs Studio

"Studio runnings: At left is Eric Donaldson at Dynamic, and in the photo at right, Eka Mouse [with hand on his jaw] listens while engineer Errol Thompson mixes his song at Joe Gibbs' studio."

Ernie Wilson on piano while Herman Chin-Toy (producer) look on at Aquarius Studio

"Jazzy piano: Ernie Wilson plays some jazzy chords while Herman Chin-loy [producer of the session] hums a melody at Aquarius."

Gibson Morrison & Godfrey Lewis at Aquarius Studio

"Playing a melody: Gibby Morrison at right plays a melody on his bass while Godfrey Lewis at left sings the lyrics for his new song at Aquarius."

Richmond Culture Band

Bands (Music) - Jamaica; Musical instruments; Musicians - Jamaica

Triston Palmer with Studio Engineers

"Penetrating Triston's song: Triston Palmer at right with Robert French (second right) studio engineer Chris Daley [partly hidden] and Pappa Bruce [left] all penetrate Triston's new son at Aquarius studio."