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Artist: Joshua Solas; Assistant artists: Anna-Lisa Guthrie, Jamie Grandison, David Francis, Jason Goss Date: November 2020Location: Water Lane

The Gleaner

"A mural that tells the story of the long standing contributions by Jamaica’s first newspaper, established in 1834."Artists: Nicola Rosen, Lisa Stiebel, Michael Robinson, Nicolas Gabbidon, Jason Goss, Clifton Brown Date: October 2019Location: East…

Daughters of Oshun

Artist: Errol Keane Date: September 2020Location: Water LaneTheme: Live Murals in Water Lane

Father and Child

Artist: Xayvier Haughton Location: Barry Street, Parade Gardens Date: December 2019 Theme: Healing thoughts through Art on Barry Street

Tropical Bliss - The life of a community in the Tropics

"Tropical Bliss, a community mural showing life in the Caribbean."Artist: Tavian Brooks, Michael Robinson, Dwight Robinson, Alec Champagnie, Trevor Witter, Zohria Allen Date: June 2019Location:Rosemary Lane, KingstonTheme: Community Life in Jamaica

We are Jamaicans

d_0009065_temple lane_we_are_jamaicans_tolerance mural.jpg
Artist: Deon Simone, Zohria Allen, Alec Champagnie Location: Parade Gardens Date: November 2019 Theme: Tolerance Murals