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JOS and trade unions

"Chairman Basil Lynch (centre head of table) makes a left index finger point at Monday's hearing of the wage contract dispute between the JOS and the NWU and BITU. Mr. Lynch is flanked by Tribunal members Edward Dixon (left) and Owen Plant (right)…

JOS tour

"New JOS Board chairman A.Z Preston is attracted by something while JOS Chief Engineer George Swindlehurst beckons to JOS Advertising Manager Henling Wade (at right) to make the next move when members of the JOS Board toured the JOS Tivoli depot on…

JOS Tribunal representatives

"The Tribunal examining the basis of overtime payment at the JOS, yesterday had its second sitting at the Ministry of Labour. Left to right are JOS Tribunal representative Lester Parke, chairman David Muirhead, workers Tribunal representative Bunny…

Milton Scott

"Dockers and Maritime Workers Union president Milton Scott leads his team to a meeting with Pime Minister Michael Manley at Jamaica House yesterday. Mr. Scott is accompanied by delegates Hyde, Feurtado, Singh, Hamilton and Creighton (from left):…