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Milton Scott 'Scully'

Dockers and Maritime Workers Union president, Milton Scott, speaking at an event.

Milton Scott

Dockers and Maritime Workers Union (DMWU) president, Milton Scott.

Milton Scott, DMWU

"DMWU president Milton Scott (left) and NWU senior organiser Eric Harris preparing for yesterday's Press conference."

Milton Scott

"No way: DMWU president, Milton Scott (left), gesticulates and clutches what he claims to be the brief for over 400 Jamaica Railway Corporation workers, denied a hearing before in the current round of wage negotiations. Mr. Scott who was not admitted…

Milton Scott and Labour Minister William Isaacs

d_0008504_milton scott_labour_minister_william_isaacs.jpg
"Labour Minister William Isaacs (second from left) being greeted by Dockers and Marine Workers Union president Milton Scott at the Union's East Street offices."

Milton Scott

"Roadside rap and Dockers and Maritime Workers president Milton (Skully) Scott shows gas station attendants the receipt from the KSAC for the hireage of the Ward Theatre where they should have met on Sunday evening. Scott charged that political…

Milton Scott

Milton Scott, DMWU President.

Milton Scott

"Historic moment: this was how Dockers and Marine Workers Union president Milton Scott (second from left) described yesterday's signing of the Industrial Relations Agreement for gas station workers. He and NWU Senior Organiser Lester McKenzie (left)…

Milton Scott

"Trenches chat: DMWU president Milton (Skully) Scott (left) and BITU island supervisor Lascelles Beckford (right) share a light moment before a meeting between the Government and the trade unions at Jamaica house yesterday to discuss particular…