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Kingston Public Hospital (KPH)

"The number of vendors who sell outside and within the compound of the K.P.H. has continued to increase to such an extent that the nurses complain that they can hardly find place to walk. Some even sell on the hospital wards as well as push their…

Kingston Public Hospital Construction 3

"The Accident and Emergency block of the K.P.H. nearing completion after many delays."

Kingston Public Hospital Construction 2

"The new four-storey block rises at the corner of Princess and North Streets. The building is set to be completed in 1976."

Kingston Public Hospital Construction 4

"Two nurses walk beside the expansion to the K.P.H. (left), work on which is in progress after a lapse of several months."

Kingston Public Hospital employee demonstration

"Short shorts in office at K.P.H.'s accounts department - demonstration over absence of air-conditioning unit in the department."

Kingston Public Hospital bicentennial celebration

"Governor General Florizel Glasspole puts a donation in the tin to launch the K.P.H. Bicentennial Tag Drive at King's House. Accepting the donation is Sister Yvonne Reid. Others from left are Radiographer M. Ayr and Matron Ellen Rob. The drive to…

Kingston Public Hospital employee demonstration

"The predominantly female accounting staff at the K.P.H. demonstrating over the absence of air-conditioning in their office. They have undergirded their complaint about the heat by appearing at work in short shorts and cool blouses, some knotted…

Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) 2

"The remainder of a fleet of ambulances at the Kingston Public Hospital which were on standby for emergencies during the nomination of candidates for the General Election on the previous day."

Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) 3

"K.P.H. gate at North and Princess Streets yesterday shortly after police arrested gate porter, Frank Hylton."