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Bustamante Hospital

" the Bustamante Hospital for administrator; Mrs. Loraine Johnson, NCB, Oxford Place; Miss Jennifer Campbell, Accountant, NCB, New Kingston Branch, and Sister Yvonne Codlin, Ward 1."

Kingston Public Hospital (KPH)

"The number of vendors who sell outside and within the compound of the K.P.H. has continued to increase to such an extent that the nurses complain that they can hardly find place to walk. Some even sell on the hospital wards as well as push their…

Kingston Public Hospital Construction

"The Accident and Emergency block of the K.P.H. nearing completion after many delays."

Kingston Public Hospital Construction

"The new four-storey block rises at the corner of Princess and North Streets. The building is set to be completed in 1976."

Kingston Public Hospital Construction

"Two nurses walk beside the expansion to the K.P.H. (left), work on which is in progress after a lapse of several months."

National Chest Hospital

"A curious little patient at National Chest Hospital gently touches the water heater donated by JAMINTEL as Mrs. Clover Chung, the Company Secretary, explains the machine to her. Sister Phyllis Maynard who is in charge of the Children's Ward watches.…