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Two halved grapefruits with grapes in the centre, displayed on transparent glass dishes.

Food display

Dishes including puddings, rice and vegetable dishes.


"Section of a storeroom at the Jamaica Flour Mills complex at Rockfort showing bags of flour stacked almost to the ceiling."

Flour truck at Kingston Wharves

"Flour for days - Baking flour is a scarce commodity these days. But counter flour is available in many places. And here at Kingston Wharves yesterday this truck seemed to have gotten too much. The truck driver was making his exit from the wharves…

Peasy cake

"Peasy cake - made with cooked mashed African peas. This is a new way of using peas. It does add a difference."

Farmer's Pride brand

Condiments, food and drinks manufactured by Farmer's Pride, on display.

Married food items

"Joined in sale - a sampling of some of the 'married food items' Prices Commission investigators came across during their investigations. From left to right, mackerel is married to yam, syrup to flour, soap flour to milk, corned beef to corn meal,…

Food sampling

"Sampling food which was part of a display of low cost foods put on by the Consumer Affairs Office at the women's rally."

Food and entertainment

A singer performs by a buffet table on which there is a display of local Jamaican produce.