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Official funeral service of Robert 'Bob' Nesta Marley

"View outside the National Arena yesterday as the throng of people waited to get into the building to view the body of Bob Marley. Police sources say this is the largest gathering of people ever seen in Jamaica, even bigger than the one at the…

Bob Marley funeral

Funeral of the late Robert Nesta Marley "Bob" being held at the Ethiopian Orthodox Church on Maxfield Avenue, Kingston.

Crowd at interment site awaiting Bob Marley's casket

"The hillside overlooking the interment site was crowded with people as they came out to catch a view of the casket bearing the body of their beloved back to the green hills of St. Ann."

Bob Marley's casket at Tuff Gong Studios

"The casket at Marley's Tuff Gong Studios on Hope Road on the way to the official funeral for the superstar."

Memorial service for Bob

"Memorial service for Bob: His Excellency Mr. Keith Johnson [left] Ambassado to the United States reading the First Lesson in the memorial service for the Hon. Bob Marley at the Community Church of New York recently. Seated at centre is the…

Jennifer Messado at brother's funeral

"Jennifer Messado, sister to the late Paul Fitz-Ritson weeps pitifully at the funeral of her brother, while a relative tries to comfort her. The state funeral of the late Paul Fitz-Ritson took place yesterday evening at the National Arena."