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Pugnainter Columbum & Franciscum Poresium. XIV.

Print depicting the battle between Christopher Columbus and Francisco Porras on the shore of the island of Jamaica.

Extracted from: Bry. Great Voyages. Part IV. Second Latin edition, entitled "Americae Pars Qvarta. Sive Insignis & Admiranda…

Prise de Saint-Christophe. Le Marquis de Bouille - 12 Fevrier, 1782

8 3/4" x 12 1/2". engraving.

P463. Proof copy, lacks sky and cloud details. Engraved by A. Giboy.

P464. Final state with same view as P463 but different artists. Martinet, del. & J. Adam, sculp.

Note: Giboy, Martinet & Adam flourished…