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David Chin signing contract

"David Chin (extreme left) of David Chin and Associates, signs a $2.1 million contract yesterday at the Water Commission officer on Trinidad Terrace. Seated next to Mr. Chin is the Deputy Chairman of the National Water Commission, Andrew Abrahams.…

David Tai

Mr. David Tai newly appointed Buyer and Warehouse Manager for Universal Stores LTD.

Derrick Sangster greets Bobb Chin at a reception

"Agri-Business meet: Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture Derrick Sangster, [second left], greets chairman of the Small Farms Task Force of the U.S. Business Committee on Jamaica, Bobb Chin [right], at a reception held recently at the Americana…

Dr. Chen-Young

Dr. Paul Chen-Young signing document.

Dr. Hermann Mueller, Mr. Noel Chin & Dr. Engel (l-r)

"Dr. Hermann Mueller, President of the Kresditanstalt fur Weidernufbam [Reconstruction Loan Corporation] left and Mr. Noel Chin, Chairman of the JDB, hold copies of the six million Deutsche...on behalf of their respective banks...Looking on is Dr.…

Dr. Paul Chen-Young (left)

Document signing with Dr. Paul Chen Young and Mr. Bertram Cooke.

Dr. Steven Laufer

Dr. Steven Laufer, businessman who in 1982, started the process of acquiring a luxury hotel in Jamaica known as Dragon Bay.

Errol Pinard

"Errol Pinard - Assistant General Manager of Engineering and Maintenance at BWIA."

Frank Borman

Face portrait of Frank Borman.

Frank Borman

Frank Borman shaking hands with a gentlemen, with other men standing behind them.