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Art print on display

An artist working on printing a pattern.

Education Minister and PM Manley

"Education Minister (Eric Bell) and the Prime Minister (Michael Manley) admire a display of batik prints at the Schools' Agricultural Exhibition. There was a wide variety of arts and craft from several schools presented at the fair."

Thomas Bucknor

"Thomas Bucknor [centre] explains the details of one of the many pieces of his carvings which are on exhibition at the Chelsea Art Gallery to Joan Rossman at left and Rev. Robert Cuthbert who opened the exhibition on Friday. Among the many carvings…

"The Poet" by Ras Dizzy

The painting entitled 'The poet' by renowned Jamaican artist, Ras Dizzy.

St. Andrew High School craft exhibition

"Table designs - St. Andrew High craft exhibition."

Trevor Burrowes

"Trevor Burrowes with his drawing 'Major Fidel Castro Hermano'."

Mallica "Kapo" Reynolds

Kapo poses with one of his sculptures.