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Commonwealth Heads of Government summit committee

"Sybil Prescod [fifth from left] chairman of the Liaison and Protocol Committee working on the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Summit, chairs a hurried and informal meeting of committee members at the Pegasus Hotel yesterday. Others, from…

C.H.G. Media Centre

The media centre at the Commonwealth Heads of Government office.

Parade Gardens Community Centre

"Skills: Tailoring students at parade Gardens Training Centre, during their theory examination, while Youth Service worker, Sharon Clayton [standing] supervisors [below] girls in the dressmaking class learning pattern making under technical…

Tobacco processing

"The workers at the Cigarette Company of Jamaica were able to meet with Dr. George Rhoden when he visited the factory operations at Twickenham Park recently. Dr. George Rhoden who was invited to Jamaica to be the Guest Speaker at the Machado Sports…

A young smoker rams his spliff with a pen

d_00116361_smoker rams his spliff with a pen.jpg
"Tobacco spliffs were in vogue for almost the entire duration of the strike at the Jamaica Cigarette Company. Here a young smoker rams his spliff with a pen - so as to get the right consistency. These tobacco spliffs were to be seen all around the…

A section of land at Danks property

A section of land at Danks property in Chapelton leased by the Cigarette Company Jamaica for Tobaccos planting.

Alan sponsors Prize Holdings Competition

"Alcan Sponsors Prize Holdings Competition: At the half yearly meeting of the Jamaica Agriculture Society branches associated Manchester, held at the Anglican Church Hall recently. Mr. R.J. Uter, President, and an employee of Alcan Jamaica Company,…

Loan of power barge to Jamaica

"Power barge agreement: Minister of Public Utilities and Transport, the Hon. Pearnel Charles (fourth left) and acting Director of USAID Mr. Frank Morris (second left) putting their signatures to the agreement yesterday (June 14) for the loan of a…

Road Runner giveaways - Master D. Gravesandy

""Thank you: With my new wagon, I'll soon outrun the Road Runner." Proud thought from a proud little man, Master D. Gravesandy as he is handed his prize by Road Runner's Michael Benjamin. Young Gravesandy was a second prize winner in the current…