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Car crash on rural road

Scene of a car accident in Darliston, Westmoreland.

Accident on Half Way Tree Road

"The sign to the left of this damaged Vauxhall motorcar says, "Uni Motors Quality Used Cars." It was not known if Uni-Motors which were agents for Vauxhall were interested in this Vauxhall which tangled with this JOS along Half Way Tree Road…

Overturned trailer in Westmoreland

"On the way to the Frome sugar factory from Farm in Westmoreland these two trailers overturned earlier this week about one mile apart. The trailer [at left] met its fate on Monday while the other overturned on Tuesday. The driver of the second unit…

Crashed Mini on Hope Road

"No the Mini did not hit the truck/ But both vehicles had something common to do their crashes - they hit a giant pothole on Hope Road. The mini turned over four times Tuesday evening before landing on a ditch at the side of the road. None of its…

Overturned truck on main road in St. Ann

"Atkins truck which recently overturned on the main road between Lime Hall and St. Ann's Bay."

Accident along Marescaux Road

"The driver of this minibus said he was brough to a stop by a completely unforeseen accident yesterday along Marescaux Road. A utility pole [on the ground behind policeman directing traffic] fell on his vehicle smashing the windshield. A van from the…

Crashed truck in Holland Bamboo archway

"Mystery crash: this truck crashed an`d was extensively damaged in the Holland Bamboo archway in St. Elizabeth sometime on Saturday morning. Up to late Saturday morning the Lacovia police who are investigating the circumstances under which the…

Three-vehicle crash

"Three motor vehicles were involved in an accident along the Half Way Tree Road, just outside the Daily News on Tuesday night. Two were an Austin van (left), reported Tuesday by owner Gwendolyn Wright of Meadowbrook Main, Kingston 8 as having been…

Accident on Ironshore Road in Montego Bay

"Two people were admitted and 70 were treated at the Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay shortly before noon yesterday following an accident on the Ironshore Road between a double-decker bus belonging to the Montego Bay Omnibus Company and a…

Crashed Ford Escort motor car

"The driver of this Ford Escort motor car, Albert Tomlinson of 92 Hope Road Kingston narrowly escaped injuries after the car was run over by a cane truck on the Spanish Town - Bog Walk main road on Wednesday. The cane truck belongs to the Sugar…