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  • Collection: St. Andrew, Jamaica

Newcastle from Strawberry Hill
Panoramic but distant view of Newcastle, barracks of a British regiment, high in the hills and mountains of St. Andrew.

18th century house, Half Way Tree, St. Andrew
Two-storey 18th century board house with semi-circular steps at the entrance in Half Way Tree, St. Andrew. Trees overhang a dirt road.

The upper vestibule - Devon House
The upper entrance hall at Devon House furnished with armchairs.

Tramcar on Cross Roads route
Number 38 tramcar travelling on the Cross Roads route in St. Andrew.

Half Way Tree Village, 1885
A scene at the half Way Tree Village, St. Andrew, Jamaica in 1885.

The Courthouse, Half Way Tree, St. Andrew
The Half Way Tree Courthouse in St. Andrew. People are walking along the road.

Bishop's Lodge Cross Roads
Exterior view of Bishop's Lodge in Cross Roads, St. Andrew. Guests are seen on the balcony and on the grounds.

Trafalgar Park House
A house at Trafalgar Park. Man at a window looks down at a woman as she walks towards a carriage at the gate. Two huge trees are at the front.

New Housing at Mona, St. Andrew
Boys watch a ball high in the air as they enjoy a ball game on the street of a new housing development in Mona, St. Andrew.

Hope Pasture's Housing Estate
One of the houses in the Hope Pasture's Housing Estate, St. Andrew, Jamaica.