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  • Collection: Kingston, Jamaica

King Street showing Hendersons' hardware store

Persons gathered outside Hendersons' Hardware store.

King Street, Kingston 1922

A view of King Street, showing buildings on either side, and a tram car.

The Kingston Waterfront before UDC development ca 1960

Historic view of the Kingston Waterfront before it was developed by the Urban Development Corporation. The photograph captures the buildings in Downtown, Kingston as well as small boats in the harbour.

Headquarter House, Duke St.

Photograph of the historic building, Headquarter's House (also known as Hibbert House). A few cars can be seen parked along Duke Street near the building.

Harbour Street showing army and navy stores

View of Harbour Street in Downtown, Kingston.

Red Hills Wesleyan Church, Kingston, before the earthquake

Front view of the Wesleyan church in Red Hills before the devastating 1907 earthquake. Three female members of the congregation are standing in the churchyard.

Ebenezer Wesleyan Church Kingston, Jamaica - restored

Exterior of the restored Ebenezer Wesleyan Church in Kingston. It was badly damaged by the earthquake of 1907.

Sutton Wesleyan Church, Kingston, before the earthquake

Interior of the Sutton Wesleyan Church before the 1907 earthquake. There is a spiral staircase leading to the second storey.

Roman Catholic Cathedral, Kingston

The Holy Trinity Cathedral located on North Street, Kingston and built in 1911 to replace the Holy Trinity Church on Duke and Sutton Streets,Kingston, that was destroyed by the 1907 earthquake.

Interior - Coke Memorial Church, Kingston - before earthquake

Photograph showing the inside of the Coke Memorial Methodist Church before the earthquake of 1907.