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Ebenezer Wesleyan Church Kingston, Jamaica - restored

Exterior of the restored Ebenezer Wesleyan Church in Kingston. It was badly damaged by the earthquake of 1907.

Sutton Wesleyan Church, Kingston, before the earthquake

Interior of the Sutton Wesleyan Church before the 1907 earthquake. There is a spiral staircase leading to the second storey.

Roman Catholic Cathedral, Kingston

The Holy Trinity Cathedral located on North Street, Kingston and built in 1911 to replace the Holy Trinity Church on Duke and Sutton Streets,Kingston, that was destroyed by the 1907 earthquake.

Interior - Coke Memorial Church, Kingston - before earthquake

Photograph showing the inside of the Coke Memorial Methodist Church before the earthquake of 1907.

East Queen Street Baptist Church

Front view of the historic East Queen Street Baptist Church, dedicated in 1822.

Jamaica's King's House

Front view of the Governor General's place of residence, King's House. Palms, bouganvillas and other plants are in the garden before the property.

Harbour View Round-a-bout

View of the Harbour View Round-a-bout in Kingston, Jamaica. A monument is in the centre of the circle.

Fort Rocky, Port Royal

Ruins of Fort Rocky, one of the forts in Port Royal that was built during World War II in an effort to prevent invasion from the Germans on the island.

Bank of Jamaica

Jamaica's central bank, the Bank of Jamaica, located at Nethersole Place in Kingston, Jamaica.