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Folly Great House

A view of the Folly Great House close to the coastline in Port Antonio, Portland.

Titchfield Hotel, Port Antonio
Photograph of the Titchfield Hotel, Port Antonio, on a greeting card from Jamaica. It is a split level, multi-level building with trees growing at the front.

View of Christ Church Port Antonio

Print depicting Side and front views of the Christ Church, Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica.

Port Antonio
A print depicting Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica showing buildings, vegetation, the coastline, people walking along the road and ships on the sea.

Swift River Bridge, 1891
The Swift River Bridge in Portland, Jamaica, where the Rio Grande River empties into the sea

Port Antonio from Titchfield
A view of Port Antonio, Portland from Titchfield showing various types of buildings with the Blue Mountains in the background.

Bathing at Hotel Titchfield bathhouses
Persons swimming in the sea close to the Titchfield bathhouses while others on the jetty and on the veranda look on.

Rio Grande Valley, Portland
A man stands on a hillside looking down at the Rio Grande River as it meanders through the Rio Grande Valley in Portland. The Blue Mountains are on the horizon.

Portland Blue Hole - Port Antonio
A picturesque view of the Portland Blue Hole in Port Antonio.

Port Antonio Hospital, Jamaica
The exterior of the Port Antonio Hospital in the parish of Portland.