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Frenchman's Cove, North Coast

Tourists sunbathing on the shores of Frenchman's Cove in Port Antonio, Portland.

Haining Portland, Jamaica

View of house with thatched roof in Haining, Portland. A man in a hat and suit is sitting on a wall to the back of the property.

Jamaica - View of Port Antonio, on the North Coast, partially destroyed by fire, October 18th
A historic black and white print of the north coast of the town of Port Antonio. To the lower left is a section destroyed by fire.

Loading banana, Port Antonio

A group of banana carriers walk in tandem, bananas on heads and shoulders as they make their way towards the boat in Port Antonio, Portland. Jamaica was the first country in the world to trade bananas internationally. The banana trade in Portland…

Muirton River Bridge, Portland

The Muirton River Bridge spanning the Muirton River in Portland.

Mulatto River Bridge, Portland

The Mulatto River Bridge connecting two roads in a rural community in Portland.

Negro River Bridge at Seaman's Valley, Portland

The Negro River Bridge spanning the Negro River at Seaman's Valley in Portland, Jamaica.

Old Building at Titchfield High School

One of the ruins on the property of the Titchfield High School in Port Antonio, Portland. It is said that the structure was once an ammunition house when the property was known as Fort George.

Old Train at the Portland Railway Station

A rusty old train parked near the Portland Railway Station.

Old Train Turntable, Portland Railway Station

View of the old train turntable, an old train and a large tank by the old Portland Railway Station.