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Frenchman's Cove, North Coast

Tourists sunbathing on the shores of Frenchman's Cove in Port Antonio, Portland.

Priestman's River, Portland, Jamaica

A view of Portland's Priestman's River leading to the sea. The hilly areas surrounding the river are filled with palms with a few small board houses nestled within.

Haining Portland, Jamaica

View of house with thatched roof in Haining, Portland. A man in a hat and suit is sitting on a wall to the back of the property.

Rev. Hugh Braham Sherlock

This is a portrait of Rev. Hugh Braham Sherlock. He was born in Portland, Jamaica on March 21, 1905. Jamaica's National Pledge was written by Sir Hugh Sherlock. In 1962, he wrote the lyrics of Jamaica, Land We Love, which became Jamaica's National…

Loading banana, Port Antonio

A group of banana carriers walk in tandem, bananas on heads and shoulders as they make their way towards the boat in Port Antonio, Portland. Jamaica was the first country in the world to trade bananas internationally. The banana trade in Portland…

Buff Bay Housing Scheme

A few houses in the Buff Bay Housing Scheme in Portland. Several persons are on the outside sitting on fences.

White River Bridge, Portland

The White River Bridge spanning the White River in Portland, Jamaica

Swift River Bridge, Portland, Jamaica

The Swift River Bridge, spanning the Swift River in Portland, Jamaica

Spanish River Bridge, Portland

The Spanish River Bridge, spanning the dry river bed of the Spanish River in Portland.

Priestman's River Bridge, Portland

Two men standing on the Priestman's River Bridge looking in the river below. The bridge is surrounded by lush vegetation