Trelawny, Jamaica


Trelawny was formed from the eastern part of St. James in 1770 after the wealthy planters of the area complained that Montego Bay, the capital, was too far away for them to go to conduct business. The parish was named for Sir William Trelawny, Governor of Jamaica when the parish came into being.

The "Trelawny, Jamaica" collection contains images relating to various aspects of the parish.

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A view of Falmouth from the sea, 1935
A view of Falmouth showing houses in an upscale residential area, and a section of a roadway.

Falmouth Town Hall the day after fire, 1926
A burnt out section of the Falmouth Town Hall after a fire in 1926.

Falmouth taken from the Church Tower
A panoramic view of Falmouth, capital of Trelawny, Jamaica showing Georgian type houses, palm trees, ships in the harbour and the Coastline.