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Children enjoy goodies from the recent treat at the Mona Rehab Centre

Five small children sit on an old bed while enjoying their treats.

Children playing board games and more

A group of children along with two adults are photographed playing a game of bingo.

Children sitting and shading from the hot sun

In the boiling sun: Daylight Savings Time gave the audience at the official opening ceremony of the Edith Dalton-James Community Complex a hard time when the fierce three o'clock sun beat down relentlessly on the uncovered heads of the unprepared…

Children in the media

Children in the media: A short discussion for each to state their views. L-R Kevin Earle, team captain, Robert Gibbs, Celia Earle, Veta Embden, Paulette Edwards, Carol Morgan

A mother feeding her child while surrounded by other children and adults

A group of persons, including a woman feeding a baby, are gathered on the verandah of a house.

Children getting it together

Children's work is never done. Getting it together UJAAMA style - Left to right: Robert Gibbs, Samantha Gayle, Andrew Dacres, Kevin Earle, Celia Earle and Karen Gaye.


Construction taking place on Garveymeade, a new housing scheme in Portmore, St. Catherine.

Hague Housing Scheme

View of the Government's Hague housing project in the parish of Trelawny, which like other parishes, has had houses put up by Government in accordance with the population requirements and available resources at the command of the Government.


New methods of construction like this Hellshire semi-detached scheme may lower unit prices.

Jerusalem Mountain

The farmers' houses at Jerusalem Mountain - The shack in the left foreground is what Mrs. McGregor said was a pilot house in a previous project.