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Reach out Christmas treat

"Hagley Park reaches out to children of Dupont Primary School. From left are Lloyd Distant, Manager, seems poised to give his Christmas blessings, Lois Chin, Majorie Daniels, Pat Maxwell, Abe Chong and Carol Cuffley. Over 60 children danced and sang…

Christmas crusade for peace

"Rev. Terrence Rose escorts Prime Minister Manley and Governor-General Florizel Glasspole at the Sunday morning service at Coke Methodist Church held in connection with the Christmas crusade for peace. Both the Prime Minister and the Governor General…

Christmas church service

"For many church-going is a must on Christmas Church Day. This congregation is in the Kingston Parish.

Christmas service

"Family worship: the congregation at Coke Church singing a Christmas carol at Sunday's Christmas service."

Christmas church service

"Christmas service: church goers listen intently to a sermon entitled, 'The Discovery of Christmas', being delivered by Rev. William Porch. The service was held yesterday at the East Queen Street Baptist Church."

Christmas treat at Majesty Gardens

"Christmas means...a time for treats, presents, and performances - all of which were present at the treat at the St. Andrew Settlement at Majesty Gardens Sunday. This group from the Sunday School recited a few verses from the Bible telling of the…

St. Andrew Settlement Christmas treat

"Some of the children who turned up for the treat at the St. Andrew Settlement can be seen here watching the performance. At the treat, refreshments were served and toys distributed."

Queen or 'Maam' Xmas card

Isaac Belisario's print 'Queen or 'Maam' of the Set-Girls' on the face of a Christmas card.

Three wise men

"Christmas for the people who like to stick to tradition cards."

Holiday cards

A variety of Jamaican Christmas cards on display.