Pathfinders march at their investiture service at the National Arena



Pathfinders march at their investiture service at the National Arena


"Eyes right: Governor-General Florizel Glasspole told some 1,000 Pathfinders yesterday that many of their elders were engaged in planning and working together be it at Government, Church, Educational or Social Services level to create a new Jamaican Society where all youth will eventually have real equality and opportunity. He said individual drive, initiative and discipline, understanding and love of people were a must if the country was to progress. He asked the youth not to be impatient in the struggle for success and urged the older ones to have patience with the youth. Mr. Glasspole was speaking at the Investiture service of the Pathfinders yesterday at the National Arena, where he was made a honorary director of the Club. The Pathfinders Club is one of the youth organization at the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Above a group leader commands "Eyes right" as they pass the saluting dias where the Governor-General took the salute of a march past, and inspected a guard of honour.


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Hewett, Herbert (Daily News)




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