Participants in 'Yenan' Peking's symbolic long distance running



Participants in 'Yenan' Peking's symbolic long distance running


"Over one million seven hundred thousand people in Peking participated in the two-month winter long distance running exercise which ended on January 20 this year.
Students, workers, Government functionaries, shop assistants, city residents and peasants on the outskirts of the capital, all took part.
The programme is called the "Yenan - Peking symbolic long distance running". Participants formed training groups of 30 runners each. The group ran for a given distance each day in two months until it had covered a combined distance of 2,500 kilometres by the 30 runners. No matter how cold the day, group of runners could be seen weaving through early morning traffic along the streets in the city proper as well as in the suburban areas..."


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