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Ms. Myrtle Hewitt

"Miss Myrtle Hewitt, Miss Clarendon, 17 year old student at Clarendon College."

Evadne Gilpin

"Miss Evadne Gilpin, Miss Hanover, 22 year old teacher at Rusea's High School (Junior Department)."

Claudette Carwin

"Miss Claudette Carwin, Miss St. Mary, 19 year old stenographer at Port Maria Parish Council."

Ms. Marjorie Kerr

"Miss Marjorie Kerr, Miss Westmoreland, 22 year old teacher at Salem All Age School."

Mrs. Fay Saunders, Parliamentary Secretary

"Mrs. Fay Saunders, Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education (left), as she addressed faculty and students of the Moneague Training College which she visited last week."

Parliament Secretary Fay Saunders

"Education Minister Howard Cooke, [left], greets Mexican Ambassador Jose Caballero, who recently paid his first official visit to the Minister. At centre Parliamentary Secretary Fay Saunders."

Dr. Sylvia Talbot

"Telling her story: Dr. Sylvia Talbot, wife of the Guyanese High Commissioner to Jamaica giving her views on voluntary organisations Monday night when she addressed the annual meeting of the Kingston Girl Guides Local Association at 2 Waterloo Road…

Lady Gladys Bustamante

"Left to right: Mrs. Edna Manley, Lady Bustamante and Information and Culture Minister of State Ed Bartlett listen with rapt attention about the contents of the 'Costume Shop' which was officially opened y the two ladies on Tuesday. The shop is a new…