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Cyril Swaby

"Helping the church: The Rev. P.V. Reynolds (fourth from left) of the United Pentecostal Church received a cheque for $2,500 from Prime Minister Michael Manley at Jamaica House yesterday. Anglican Bishop Cyril Swaby, left, also received a cheque for…

Cyril Swaby at Bandana Night

"Higher clergy: Is this a 'social affair of the higher clergy?' Nassau's Bishop Michael Eldon (left) stressing a point to Belize's Bishop Anthony Sylvester and Jamaica's Cyril Swaby at Bandana Night at the Sheraton Hotel on Wednesday night."

Cyril Swaby

"Anglican Bishop Cyril Swaby as he delivered his charge to the Anglican Synod at the Cathedral of St. Jago de la Vega on Sunday. The Bishop called for the banning of betting shops and crime in entertainment."

Cyril Swaby

"Prime Minister Michael Manley presenting Anglican Bishop Cyril Swaby with a cheque for $5,000 to assist in restoration work being carried out on the Bog Walk Anglican Church that was destroyed by fire early last year. At centre is the Suffragan…

Cyril Swaby along with Rex Dudley Sanguinetti

"Rev. Dudley Sanguinetti preparing to throw dust on the casket containing the body of Bishop Swaby in the St. Andrew Parish Church yard yesterday. Bishop Swaby's sisters, Gwendolyn Mary and Gertrude are third and fourth from left."