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Mrs. W. Johnson

"Mrs. W. Johnson, wife of Principal Wilbert Johnson of Vauxhall Junior Secondary School, receiving the JTA Certificate of Merit on behalf of her husband at the Ward Theatre. These awards are presented to educators from fourteen parishes by JTA on the…

Prof. Aubrey S. Phillips giving the main address

"Prof. Aubrey S. Phillips [centre], Dean of the Faculty of Education, UWI, giving the main address at Mico Old Students' Association function to honour two of its members, Mrs. R. Shirley [left] Principal of the school, and Mr. E.H. Cousins, former…

Wynante Patterson

"National Family Planning Pioneer Amy Bailey (left) receiving a plaque from the Board's vice-chairman Dr. Wyante Patterson at a luncheon at the Sheraton Hotel on Wednesday. Miss Bailey has been involved with family planning in Jamaica since 1937."

Mrs. Patricia Charles in discussion with the Director of the Programme

"One of the recent visitors to the JAMAL Foundation, Mrs. Patricia Charles, representative of the St. Lucia Government, is seen in discussions with the Director of the Programme, Mrs. Joyce Robinson, as a result of St. Lucia's desire to establish a…

Farewell reception in honour of Mrs. Patricia Charles

"Farewell - seen at the farewell reception in honour of Mrs. Patricia Charles, Resident Tutor of the University Centre, Resident Tutor of the University Centre in St. Lucia (from left) John Compton, Premier of St. Lucia, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee, Mrs.…

Ken Carter

"Ken Carter, Lecturer at the Trade Union Education Institute, gave the lecture in "Planning within the context of problem-solving and decision theory" during a five-day course on Agricultural Business Management held for Banana Board projects…