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Mr. Wills O. Isaacs comforting a grieving mother

"A mother's grief: Jamaica's High Commissioner to Canada Wills O. Isaacs comforting the grief-stricken mother of 15-year-old Michael Habib, a Jamaican, who was murdered by a gunman on May 6 in Toronto. From left are Mr. Isaacs, Mr. and Mrs. Hector…

Mrs. Wills O. Isaacs

"Mrs. Wills O. Isaacs [right], wife of the Jamaican High Commissioner for Canada, selling Jamaican products at Jamaica's stall at the recent YM/YWCA International Fair held in Ottawa, Canada."

Christine Isaacs

"Christine Isaacs, daughter of the Jamaican High Commissioner in Canada, Wills O. Issacs, and Mrs. Isaacs, being presented to the Commissioner-General of the Canadian Red Cross, Arthur Wrinch. The occasion was the annual ball of the Red Cross and the…

Wife of Gideon Saguy making a presentation

"The wife of Israeli Ambassador Gideon Saguy presenting a certificate to Brian Tapper who was one of the 28 participants in the three week seminar or irrigation, conducted by Israeli expert Dr. S. Manor and two of his associates."