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  • Collection: Parish Churches of Jamaica

St. Mary Parish Church

Rear view of St. Mary Parish Church.

Falmouth Parish Church

Entrance to the Falmouth Parish Church.

Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Church

Partial view of the front of the historic Kingston Parish Church.

St. Thomas Parish Church (interior)

Inside view of the Christ Anglican Church in Morant Bay, St. Thomas.

St. Thomas Parish Church

The Christ Anglican Church, in the parish of St. Thomas.

St. Mary Parish Church

Photograph of the St. Mary Parish Church, erected on June 5, 1861. In the church yard are several tombstones; a clock tower is also attached to the church.

Date stone at the Parish Church of St. Ann

Photograph of a date stone at the St. Ann Anglican Parish Church. The stone is dated November 26, 1884 and has a sign resembling the masonic sign etched into it.

The Parish Church of St. Ann

The 1871 built St. Ann Parish Church located in the capital town of St. Ann's Bay.

Portland Parish Church

View of the front and right side of the Portland Parish Church (Christ Church).

Portland Parish Church interior

Interior of the Portland Parish Church also known as Christ Church.