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Bruckins party at Mello-Go-Round in 1978 festival celebration
A group performs bruckins at Mello-Go-Round during the 1978 festival of the arts.

Kumina being performed in Manchioneal, Portland

Photograph showing a small group performing the Kumina dance in Manhioneal, Portland. A much larger group of spectators look on.

John Canoe dance
Dancers perform the John Canoe dance.

Quadrille done by villagers from Farm
Two elderly couple dancing the Quadrille while the villagers look on.

Dinki Mini

Dinki mini is mainly practised in St. Andrew, St. Mary and St. Ann. It is a member of the Wake Complex of traditional dances. Dinki mini is performed on the second to the eighth night of the traditional ninth night observances. These sessions are…


A group of women doing the maypole dance. The Maypole is a European retained social dance which originated from May Day celebrations in England. It has however, taken on a Jamaican character.


A gentleman in a hat doing the etu/ettu dance. A group of persons cheer him on. Etu is an African retained dance kept alive by a small group of people in Hanover who claim Yoruba (Nigerian) ancestry. Etu may be part of a ‘play’ performed at wedding…

Morant Bay Wesleyan Church

View of the Morant Bay Wesleyan Church in St. Thomas.