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  • Collection: Trelawny, Jamaica

A view of Falmouth from the sea, 1935

A view of Falmouth showing houses in an upscale residential area, and a section of a roadway.

Albert George Market Clocktower

Clocktower above the Albert George Market in the Falmouth Water Square. It was built in 1894.

Cornwall Street, Falmouth
Photograph of print done by A. Duperly. Image shows a view of Cornwall Street in Falmouth, Trelawny, Jamaica, with a number of buildings, closely built, and people busy going about.

Falmouth Baptist Chapel
The Falmouth Baptist Chapel with the dates 1837-1925 imposed at the top. To its right is a photograph of Rev. William Knibb with the dates 1825-1845 at the bottom, followed by Born 1803, Died 1845.

Falmouth Market
Falmouth market is one of the largest and most attended - especially on Wednesdays when traders from all over the island congregate on the streets for "Bend - Down Market".

Falmouth Pier - aerial

Aerial view of the Falmouth Pier, Trelawny.

Falmouth Pier - buildings

View of the Falmouth Pier with several buildings being constructed.

Falmouth Pier - entrance

Entrance to the Falmouth Pier in Trelawny, with several posters relating to the history of Jamaica, Trelawny and Falmouth.

Falmouth Pier (aerial)

Aerial view of the Falmouth Pier showing a Royal Caribbean International Cruise Ship at the pier.

Falmouth Prison and Poor House

Falmouth prison and poor house next to each other on a large expanse of land.