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  • Collection: Trelawny, Jamaica

Stewart Town Chapel, Mission House, Trelawny

Drawing of the Stewart Town Chapel and Mission House in Trelawny, Jamaica before 1832.

Webb Memorial, Trelawny

Members of the congregation standing before the Webb Memorial Chapel, founded by Reverend William Menzie Webb in 1902.

Stewart Castle - Trelawny

Ruins of the stone mansion, Stewart Castle Great House. The building was originally fortified in the 18th century, was built by James Stewart and later owned by his son, Hon. James Stewart, Custos of Trelawny 1800-1821.

Good Hope Estate

Partial view of ruins at the Good Hope Estate, a historic sugar plantation once belonging to land and slave owner, John Tharpe. Two wheels of unknown origin are leaned against a wall.

Tharp House, Falmouth (front view)

Front view of Tharp House, built on land purchased by John Tharpe in 1778.

Good Hope Great House - Trelawny

Front view of Good Hope Great House in Trelawny, Jamaica. Two men are standing near the entrance to the house.

View of the House at Kettering

Drawing of the House at Kettering, a free village in Duncans, Trelawny.

Yam farmers

Selecting the best yams for market, Lorrimers, Trelawny. A group of farmers in the field measuring and selecting the best yams to be taken to the market.

Rev. William Knibb

Print depicting the Rev. William Knibb standing with a scroll partially rolled down in one hand. Written on the scroll is "Slavery abolished; Jamaica - August 1st, 1838. He is dressed in jacket, vest and inside shirt. William Knibb was a Baptist…

Martha Brae Postal Agency, Trelawny

A small wooden structure that houses the Martha Brae Postal Agency in Jamaica. A blue concrete house with a vehicle parked beside it is behind the post office.