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Louise Bennett, top Jamaican Folklorist performs the rites for traditional wedding ceremony
Louise Bennett, Jamaican folklorist, does a dramatization of a traditional wedding ceremony which is being filmed by a television photographer.

Louise Bennett and male actor in Shakespeare Costume
Louise Bennett and male actor dressed in costumes, performing a Shakespeare play.

Louise Bennett speaking to group seated on ground.
Louise Bennett, at the microphone speaking to a group of persons.

Louise Bennett Coverley at Workshop
A full photograph of Louise Bennett Coverley, holding a pamphlet in her hand while making a presentation at a workshop.

Louise Bennett, with husband Eric Coverley
Louise Bennett and her husband Eric Coverley share a light moment as they stand in their living room beside a table decorated with collectibles. There are paintings on the wall behind them, and a lamp hanging from the ceiling.

Lou and Ranny Show being recorded at JBC
Ranny Williams - right, Louise Bennett, 2nd right and others at microphone reading scripts for the recording of the 'Lou and Ranny Show' at the JBC Studio. A live musical band is in the background.

Louise Bennett
Picture of Louise Bennett sitting on a patio, seemingly speaking to person or persons not in the picture.

Miss Lou and Maas Ran with a group of children
Louise Bennett (Miss Lou), Ranny Williams (Maas Ran), at right, and three other adults speaking with children who are seated on mats on cut stone patio.

Ranny and Friends
Ranny Williams (3rd left) and Friends, including Louise Bennett (2nd left), pose for a group photograph.

Ranny Williams in scene from Moonshine Anancy
Ranny Williams (left) and other cast members including Louise Bennett (3rd left) in a scene from Moonshine Anancy.