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  • Collection: Dr. Anthony Robinson's Drawings - Birds

Ground pigeon

Drawing of a ground pigeon.

Nyetibuis Jamaicenses

Side view of Lesser Wood Owl

Porzana Concolor

Image of a Porzana Concolor from Jamaica.

Dabchick of Clarendon

Drawing of the dabchick of Clarendon bird hanging from a noose.

A goose shot at Bower's River in Clarendon

An artist's impression of a goose standing atop what seems like a rock in the Bower's River in Clarendon

Banana bird's nest
A drawing of a bird's nest attached to a branch.

A mist resemblance of the diving bird

Drawing of the banana bird standing atop a small table and looking upward. The bird is black and yellow for the most part with white on wing.

Blue galding

A colour drawing of a blue galding heron, standing tall.