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  • Collection: Dr. Anthony Robinson's Drawings - Birds

I am a paraqueet

Print of a paraqueet (parakeet) with its tail expanded.

Pelianus volena

Drawing of the black-feathered, orange-billed bird - Pelianus volena.

Querquedula discors

Print of the blue-winged teal bird (Querquedula Discors).

Pluvialis dominicus (American Golden Plover)

Drawing of the American Golden Plover (Pluvialis dominicus).

Quiscalus Crassirostris

Print of the black feathered Quiscalus Crassirostris, widely known as Barbados Black Bird by natives.

Blue galding

A colour drawing of a blue galding heron, standing tall.

A mist resemblance of the diving bird

Drawing of the banana bird standing atop a small table and looking upward. The bird is black and yellow for the most part with white on wing.

Banana bird's nest
A drawing of a bird's nest attached to a branch.

A goose shot at Bower's River in Clarendon

An artist's impression of a goose standing atop what seems like a rock in the Bower's River in Clarendon