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Brown girl, Jamaica

A barefooted mulatto girl sitting on steps beside flower pot and shrubs.

The House Cherry Garden Jamaica

A colonial house in Cherry Garden, Jamaica, with the Blue Mountains in the background. A man is sitting on circular wall in front of house. There is a palm tree in front of the house.

Porus, Jamaica

A scene in Porus, a rural town in Manchester, Jamaica. A man and two boys, one carrying a basket on his head, are walking beside a donkey laden with a hamper. Other persons are walking along an unpaved road with wooden framed buildings on both sides.…

Kingston from Harbour

A section of Kingston, Jamaica, from the harbour showing small piers, a sailboat and buildings and trees on the waterfront.

The Half Way Tree, Kingston, Jamaica

A scene at the Half Way Tree - a large, spreading guango tree at the border of Kingston and St. Andrew which serves as a rest stop for travellers in the colonial era. Persons are resting under the tree or walking along the road.


Drill order of the West India Regiment, Kingston, Jamaica.

View from Newcastle, Ja.

Panoramic View of Kingston from Newcastle.

Coaling a mail packet, Kingston, Jamaica

Black labourers carrying baskets of coal to be used for refueling into a huge ship docked in the Kingston Harbour, Jamaica

On the North Coast Road, Jamaica

A dirt road running parallel to the sea with thick vegetation on both sides along the North Coast

Porus, Jamaica

Four men are in conversation in the middle of the road in Porus, Manchester. Wooden buildings are on both sides of the road, a horse-drawn carriage is parked along the dirt road.