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Black River, Jamaica

A view of the Black River in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

Bog Walk Village, Rio Cobre River, Jamaica

Two black men wearing hats
two black women carrying baskets are standing in front of a wooden framed upstairs house in Bog Walk Village, St. Catherine, Jamaica. Other wooden framed buildings are close to the house.

Gordon Town, Jamaica

Four women and a child carrying buckets of water on their heads in Gordon Town, a rural village in Jamaica. Houses and plants are on both sides of the road, stone wall on left side of road.

Goschen Racecourse, St. Elizabeth

A herd of cattle grazing on the Goschen Racecourse, St. Elizabeth. On the property are several large trees with a vast mountain in the background.

On the Road to Newcastle

Image showing waterfalls cascading through mountains, on the way to Newcastle, St. Andrew

Porus, Jamaica

Four men are in conversation in the middle of the road in Porus, Manchester. Wooden buildings are on both sides of the road, a horse-drawn carriage is parked along the dirt road.

On the North Coast Road, Jamaica

A dirt road running parallel to the sea with thick vegetation on both sides along the North Coast

Coaling a mail packet, Kingston, Jamaica

Black labourers carrying baskets of coal to be used for refueling into a huge ship docked in the Kingston Harbour, Jamaica

View from Newcastle, Ja.

Panoramic View of Kingston from Newcastle.


Drill order of the West India Regiment, Kingston, Jamaica.