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  • Collection: St. Andrew, Jamaica

Cinchona Great House
The picture shows Cinchona Great House sitting on bricks in St. Andrew.

Strawberry Hill Great House
The picture shows a front view of the Strawberry Hill Great House amidst trees.

Golf Winks, Constant Spring St. Andrew
This photo shows 2 white men at a game of golf. One of the men is in action, hitting the ball with his club while the other observes where the ball had fallen. Two black caddies, male and female, are seen standing behind the golfers and holding golf…

H. I. Henriques Real Estate
The image shows the H. I. Henriques Real Estate Limited building on Old Hope Road Kingston, Jamaica. Is is a four story building. Two cars are parked on the outside of the building.

Harbour View Shopping Centre

Photograph shows a section of the Harbour View Shopping Centre under construction. Workmen are seen on the outside of the plaza.

Manor Park Plaza
Photograph shows a large frontal section of the Manor Park Plaza in Constant Spring Jamaica. Cars can be seen on the outside of the plaza. This plaza is considerd the 'big sister' to the Upper Manor Park Plaza with approximately 21 stores.

Old Court House - Half-Way-Tree

An upstairs wooden building showing features of latticework and shingle roof, very close to the road. Man walking along the street in front of a building, a sign with JBC at front of the building

Gordon Town, Jamaica

Four women and a child carrying buckets of water on their heads in Gordon Town, a rural village in Jamaica. Houses and plants are on both sides of the road, stone wall on left side of road.

A negro Wedding near Content College, St. Andrew, Jamaica

Attendees at a negro wedding gather for a group portrait.

St. Luke's Church

A church building with a smaller building on the left, surrounded by vegetation and enclosed by concrete and metal fencing close to the road.