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  • Collection: St. Andrew, Jamaica

Bobo Hill in Bull Bay, St. Andrew

Three Rastafarian men sit in the office at Bobo Hill while a Rastafarian woman addresses visitors from the National Library of Jamaica. The small space is adorned with images and other items relating to the Rastafarian faith.

Damage to Hope River Bridge, St. Andrew

Image showing massive destruction to the Hope River Bridge in St. Andrew Jamaica caused by Hurricane Gustav in September 2008. A great portion of the bridge had fallen into the Hope River.

Half Way Tree Transport Centre

Photograph of the Half Way Tree Transport Centre taken from the intersection of Molynes Road and Eastwood Park Road in St. Andrew, Jamaica.

Plumb Point Lighthouse

Photograph of the Plumb Point Lighthouse (built in 1853) with the ruins of two brick structures alongside the lighthouse. It is located at Great Plumb Point near the entrance of the Kingston Harbour.

Cinchona Great House
The picture shows Cinchona Great House sitting on bricks in St. Andrew.

Strawberry Hill Great House
The picture shows a front view of the Strawberry Hill Great House amidst trees.

Golf Winks, Constant Spring St. Andrew
This photo shows 2 white men at a game of golf. One of the men is in action, hitting the ball with his club while the other observes where the ball had fallen. Two black caddies, male and female, are seen standing behind the golfers and holding golf…

H. I. Henriques Real Estate
The image shows the H. I. Henriques Real Estate Limited building on Old Hope Road Kingston, Jamaica. Is is a four story building. Two cars are parked on the outside of the building.

Harbour View Shopping Centre
Photograph shows a section of the Harbour View Shopping Centre under construction. Workmen are seen on the outside of the plaza.

Manor Park Plaza
Photograph shows a large frontal section of the Manor Park Plaza in Constant Spring Jamaica. Cars can be seen on the outside of the plaza. This plaza is considerd the 'big sister' to the Upper Manor Park Plaza with approximately 21 stores.