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  • Collection: Kingston, Jamaica

Institute of Jamaica Library building exterior
Photograph shows the outside of the Institute of Jamaica building. Trees can be seen outside of the building.

Institute of Jamaica
Photograph shows a collection of pictures hanging on a wall in the art gallery of the Institute of Jamaica.

King Street above Barry Street, looking north toward the Parish Church

Print depicts a street view of King Street, Kingston looking toward the Kingston Parish Church in the distance. Several buildings on opposite sides of the street. People, chickens, and pigs are also depicted. The buildings look old and the roads look…

A view of Kingston Barracks
Photograph shows the Kingston Barracks with people standing outside on the grounds.

Kingston Jamaica, with Newcastle in the distance
Print depicts a view of Kingston in the vicinity of a harbour where several ships are docked. Newcastle can also be seen in the distance.

Bernard Sunley Building
Photograph of the Bernard Sunley building. Bernard Sunley is a contractor, property developer and a philanthropist. He has a charitable foundation called 'The Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation.'

Gleaner Company Limited North Street c. 1969
Photograph shows the exterior of the Gleaner Company Limited, located on 7 North Street, Kingston, Jamaica. The Gleaner company is a Jamaican newspaper company. It commenced publication in 1834 and was founded by two brothers Jacob and Joshua…

A View of Kingston Theatre
Exterior view of a the Kingston Theatre, Jamaica

Public buildings, West King and Tower Streets
Two large public buildings beside each other. In front and side of the buildings are manicured lawn, plants and paved walkways. People are walking along the walkways and on the sidewalk. A tramcar with passengers aboard are driving on the street.

Port Royal
An artist's impression of Port Royal, Jamaica. Buildings and trees are in the background; in the foreground a ship and 2 small boats are sailing in the sea.