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86 Church St., Kingston - W.A.R. birthplace
A man about to climb a staircase leading to a house at 86 Church Street, Kingston - the birthplace of Walter Adolphe Roberts.

A house in East Kingston
The front view of a house in East Kingston, enclosed by metal and concrete fencing. There is a metal entrance gate attached to concrete columns.

A Kingston shop (before) the 1907 earthquake
A large three storey building at the corner of a commercial street in Kingston, Jamaica . Utility poles in front and utility wires criss-crossed above.

A view of Church Street

A drawing of a section of Church Street, Kingston, Jamaica. The street is lined with houses, a man on a horse is talking to one on a staircase, a man is sitting on the sidewalk, another is standing on the side walk, a couple is standing in the…

A view of Church Street (Looking towards the Sea)
A drawing showing buildings with steps leading from the street, a couple conversing, man on horse talk to man on staircase, man sitting in sidewalk, man standing against brick wall, overhanging trees.

A view of Kingston Barracks
Photograph shows the Kingston Barracks with people standing outside on the grounds.

A View of Kingston Theatre
Exterior view of a the Kingston Theatre, Jamaica

A view of the Court House
A view of the courthouse in Kingston, Jamaica. Groups of persons are conversing with each other in the court yard while others are standing on the porch of the building.

A view of the courthouse (taken on the day of an election)
A scene outside a courthouse on the day of an election - a large crowd is gathered in front of a building and persons are standing on the porch.

A View of the premises of McWhinney and Company, King Street, Kingston, Jamaica
Drawing depicting a scene on King Street, Kingston showing McWhinney and Company in the foreground, adjoining commercial buildings; men on horseback; people walking, conversing or standing at the shop front; a cat and dog in the street; horse-drawn…