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  • Collection: Kingston, Jamaica

The S.S. Yarmouth Castle - Steamship on the Miami, Kingston route in Kingston 1954

Photograph of the S.S. Yarmouth Castle Steamship which travels the Miami - Kingston route, as it docked in the Kingston Harbour in 1954.

City of Kingston, from the commercial rooms

Print depicting the city of Kingston, Jamaica.

Lascelles de Mercado Company Limited

Photograph of business transaction taking place at Lascelles de Mercado Company Limited. Goods are being loaded on a truck for transportation.

Institute of Jamaica East Street, Kingston
A Photograph showing the exterior of Institute of Jamaica East Street, Kingston.

Museum (Art Gallery)

The Museum Art Gallery exterior. It shows a man riding a bicycle towards the Art Gallery.

Institute of Jamaica building (National Library of Jamaica)

An external view of the Institute of Jamaica (National Library). The photograph highlights the building and the I.O.J sign. The photograph also captures the cars that are parked at the front of the building.

General Library - Exterior

An image of the Institute of Jamaica. The photograph captures the front section of the Institute of Jamaica with flowers near the steps.

Old Museum Building I.O.J Art Gallery

Photograph showing the exterior of the I.O.J Museum which houses the art gallery. Persons are seen standing on the side walk which under a tree. There is a man sitting on a bicycle and another holding a broom. Two man, one wearing a tie and the other…

Institute of Jamaica Museum Tower Street, Kingston
Photograph of the Institute of Jamaica Museum on Tower Street, Kingston. It shows a front view of a section of the building.

Institute of Jamaica - Museum (Art Gallery)
A section of the Institute of Jamaica Museum and Art Gallery with rows of chairs.