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Portland Blue Hole - Port Antonio
A picturesque view of the Portland Blue Hole in Port Antonio.

Port Antonio Hospital, Jamaica
The exterior of the Port Antonio Hospital in the parish of Portland.

Tunnel, Buff Bay, Portland
Train entering tunnel (on the left), horseman and cart travelling along the road (on the right) of a circular hillock

Ruined sugar mill east of Port Antonio
The remains of a sugar mill east of Port Antonio, Portland. A woman - possibly a homeless person - occupies the entrance, back turned.

Belles and Beaux of Moore Town, 8 miles inland from Port Antonio

Men, women and children standing on a bridge in Moore Town, Portland. Other persons can be seen in the background and a woman is bending over in the river below.

Jamaica - View of Port Antonio, on the North Coast, partially destroyed by fire, October 18th
A historic black and white print of the north coast of the town of Port Antonio. To the lower left is a section destroyed by fire.

Buff Bay River Bridge, Portland

The Buff Bay River Bridge, spanning the Buff Bay River in Portland, Jamaica.

Downs River Bridge, Portland

A man stands along the roadway on the Downs River Bridge, Portland while he looks in river below. Lush vegetation surrounds the bridge and the river.

Muirton River Bridge, Portland

The Muirton River Bridge spanning the Muirton River in Portland.

Mulatto River Bridge, Portland

The Mulatto River Bridge connecting two roads in a rural community in Portland.