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Cannon at Titchfield High School

Photograph of an old cannon on the Titchfield High School property. The cannon is one of the many relics on the property of a time when the property was known as Fort George.

Folly Great House Ruins

Ruins of the old Folly Great House, located near the coastline of Port Antonio.

Old Building at Titchfield High School

One of the ruins on the property of the Titchfield High School in Port Antonio, Portland. It is said that the structure was once an ammunition house when the property was known as Fort George.

Frenchman's Cove, North Coast

Tourists sunbathing on the shores of Frenchman's Cove in Port Antonio, Portland.

Rio Grande Bridge, Portland

The Rio Grande Bridge that stretches across a portion of the Rio Grande River in the parish of Portland.

Rio Grande River, Portland

View from the Rio Grande Bridge overlooking a part of the Rio Grande River, where river rafting is done. A few rafts can be seen along the banking of the river.

Rio Grande Bridge Construction

A section of the Rio Grande Bridge in Portland, where construction was taking place.

Port Antonio Railway Station

The historic Port Antonio Railway Station that now houses several business places such as a flower shop, an art gallery and a life centre.

Old Train at the Portland Railway Station

A rusty old train parked near the Portland Railway Station.

Old Train Turntable, Portland Railway Station

View of the old train turntable, an old train and a large tank by the old Portland Railway Station.