St. Andrew, Jamaica


St. Andrew was one of the first parishes to be established by Law in 1867 having been known prior to that time as Liguanea. “Liguanea” is one of the few surviving Arawak words, presumably stemming from the word iguana, meaning “lizard”. The parish stretches from Cross Roads to Rockfort in the east and reaches up into the Blue Mountains, sharing borders with St. Thomas, Portland, St. Mary and St. Catherine. Here are a few images of people and places relating to St. Andrew.

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Cinchona Great House
The picture shows Cinchona Great House sitting on bricks in St. Andrew.

Strawberry Hill Great House
The picture shows a front view of the Strawberry Hill Great House amidst trees.

Golf Winks, Constant Spring St. Andrew
This photo shows 2 white men at a game of golf. One of the men is in action, hitting the ball with his club while the other observes where the ball had fallen. Two black caddies, male and female, are seen standing behind the golfers and holding golf…