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Cuban President, Fidel Castro stop at National Heroes Park

"Agrarian Hero: Cuban President Fidel Castro made an 'unscheduled' stop at National Heroes Park after his departure from his Victoria Pier welcome yesterday afternoon to lay a wreath at the shrine of Jamaica's agrarian reform National Hero, Paul…

Mozambique President, Samora Machel

"Mozambique president Samora Machel, freedom fighter and ex-guerilla leader caught in moments of reflection after laying a wreath at the shrine of national hero Marcus Garvey who worked for the freedom of African peoples. In the background some…

The crate bearing Garvey's remains at Palisadoes Airport

Marcus Garvey's family receiving his body at the Palisadoes Airport [now Norman Manley International Airport]. The body was being transported in a wooden crate with a wreath on top.