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The West India flower girl

A West Indian woman, wearing a checkered shawl and headwrap, holds out a dish with flowers towards two women. The woman wearing a broad rimmed hat has taken one of the flowers to smell. A boy, seated at the entrance of a nearby building, is watching…

Village merry making

Villagers merry making in the island of St. Vincent, with dancers and musicians. In the background is the landscape with huts on a hill.

The West India washer-women

Four West Indian washerwomen - one a mulatta - washing in the river. A child is among the women who are covered from the waist down in cloths and wearing wraps on their heads.

CCL Secretary J. Burns Bonadie

"Eyewitness Report: CCL Secretary J. Burns Bonadie (above, left) speaking at Chancellor Hall on the Grenada situation. With him is the Chairman of the Grenada Association in Jamaica, Justin Vincent; and below is a group of Grenadians and other West…